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For children’s dental services, we currently offer: Regular cleanings, annual checkups, dental care education, fluoride treatments, fillings, and x-rays.

Use preventative dentistry when possible

Often times, children will need things done like fillings, x-rays, sealants, and so on. We know that putting your child in our care can make you nervous, but we want you to feel comfortable with this. We take great care of our patients, no matter their age.

Make caring for your teeth fun!

Trust us with all of your child’s dental needs. Bring them back often for checkups, and make sure we are all on the same team in teaching your child how to care for their teeth. This will benefit you and your pocketbook for many years to come.

Don't be nervous!

When it comes to children’s teeth, it is very important to not only keep them protected, but keep them in good shape. Some people are more lax about tooth care in kids, because it’s “just their baby teeth” but the truth of the matter is, they need to learn general hygiene early on. Teach them to take care of their teeth early.

Practice good oral hygiene

A healthy smile starts with early care